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A space where you can appreciate the feelings captured on canvas by a Dominican artist. Yan Páez undresses his emotions to show them to the world through painting and drawing. The feminine, fantasy and nature are just some of the themes that run through his work.

The authenticity of Páez’ creations is a portal that gives life to the imagination. This artist is driven to make known the sublime through art. Beauty, for Páez, is more than skin deep given that "Art ceases to be Art, if it does not have a good interpreter who sees with the heart".


Collaboration of the artist Yan Páez with the prominent fashion designer Dominican-Lebanese  Giannina Azar,  en el vestido de la actriz dominicana Masiel Taveras para el Festival de Cannes 2024 en Francia. Vistiendo una obra de arte catalogada como el diseño mas importante y significativo de la diseñadora Giannina «El Cristo» pintado por el artista Yan Páez.


Great artist and incredible human being, Yan Páez. Tremendous master of the brush, thanking God for having put him in my path, creating spectacular arts works, reflected in my dresses in a masterly way as well as all his pictorial creations, which are extraordinary jewels. God has given you that great gift.  Dios le ha dado ese gran don. 

Giannina Azar – Fashion designer

The artistic language of the young artist Yan Páez is highly personal—replete with the characteristic bright colors of the Caribbean. A harmonious balance between beauty, sensuality, passion and mysticism accentuates the sensitivity and subtlety of Páez, whose work revolves around the female figure. Enjoy, both visually and emotionally. 

Nathalie Peña Comas
 - Lyrical Singer

Yan Paez is in full possession of a juicy, clear and personalized discourse. The feminine theme anchors a magical realism with astonishing eloquence, grace and luminous lyricism. Paez fills the narrative mystery with metaphors of the intimacy of the Tropics. Antilla, the Caribbean.. everything that represents us is remanifest in his colorful and magical pieces.

Danilo De los Santos. (1943-2018) 
Dominican Art Critic