Yan Páez was born in 1986 in Montecristi, Dominican Republic. At age 4, he moved to Bonao in the Monsignor Nouel province. From an early age, he sensed he had a vocation for the Art. At 11 years old, Yan enrolled in the youth creativity program at the local Plaza de la Cultura Arts Center under renowned master of Dominican visual arts, Cándido Bidó. At age 13, he was placed in the school's adult program and formally began his professional level studies in Visual Arts, graduating in 2003. He then went on to earn a diploma in Art Education from the Technological Catholic University of the Cibao (UCATECI) in La Vega. Currently, you can find Yan back at the Plaza de la Cultura in Bonao, training the newest generation of Dominican artists.

Yan Páez  ha colaborado en la Fundación Carebbean Woman Fundation, en Santo Domingo, República Dominicana, entidad que trabaja con mujeres a las que empodera de herramientas y recursos para hacerlas a la vez económicamente independientes y emocionalmente aptas para salir del estado de vulnerabilidad social. Las obras de Yan es utilizada como portada de los productos que esta institución utiliza como medio de recaudar fondos, al igual que exposiciones de artes para fines de la misma.

Collaborator of the international Women Poets movement MPI Inc. and of the Women's Scream festival that she carries out in different countries with the support and image of her works, the works are shown on different stages due to the high sensitivity and connection that Yan's paintings represent. with the cause.

  Yan also ventured into textiles together with leading Dominican fashion designers Giannina Azar and Marisol Enríquez in different international and national Fashion show, as well as collaborating on some of Giannina current pieces.

Yan Páez has taught arts workshops for both children and adults in different settings and countries such as: Casa Dominicana, Puerto Rico, Casa de las Diligencias cultural institution that belongs to the (UAEMEX) Autonomous University of Mexico State, Toluca, Mexico , and his country of origin Dominican Republic